Try it before you buy it: WITCHOPPER novel preview

Try before you buy: that’s what I say. The opening chapters of a book should grab you, so here you can sample the opening prologue and first five chapters of my novel Witchopper. I wanted to give you a little more than you get on Amazon or Apple Books previews. Take a look. I hope […]

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Try it before you buy it: NEOLITHICA novel preview

Trying a new author is a bit of a risk. Are you going to throw away your money? Will you like their style and tone? Amazon, Apple Books and the like give us a sneak peek. Here, I wanted to give you a little more. Below you’ll find the Blurb, the Prologue and first four […]

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Party at the end of the world with author Bethany Clift

I’m excited to present an interview with Bethany Clift this week, who has made a splash with her debut novel Last One At The Party, a post-apocalyptic tale with true character growth and a front cover that is somewhat provocative in the genre. 1. Tell us about who Bethany Clift is? Hi Dan, firstly, thanks so […]

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Beyond video nasties – Duncan Ralston in interview

1. Who is Duncan Ralston? Duncan Ralston is the author of the horror collections Gristle & Bone, Video Nasties and In Every Dark Corner, the novellas Wildfire, Woom and Ebenezer, and the novels Salvage, The Method, The Midwives and the Ghostland Trilogy. When not working behind the scenes in television, he enjoys the great outdoors, […]

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Interview with a Soul Catcher – Anthony M. Strong

Who is Anthony M. Strong? Anthony M. Strong is a British born writer living and working in the United States. He is the author of the popular John Decker series of supernatural adventure thrillers. Anthony has worked as a graphic designer, newspaper writer, artist, and actor. When he was a young boy, he dreamed of […]

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The Unforgotten Master of British Horror – Stephen Laws

It’s my great pleasure to interview Stephen Laws today. Stephen is a master of the horror genre and a leading light for the British scene in the 1980s and 90s alongside greats like James Herbert and Ramsey Campbell, at a time when horror still had its own section in books shops, and publishers didn’t pass […]

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