Free Book: In Tooth and Claw

If dreams come true, then so do nightmares.

Especially when demons hide – and devour – in plain sight, or the wrong psychopath is recruited for their dream

job. When a telephone rings for a forgotten boy in an old red telephone box, or when the sinister origin of a curse is locked within a children’s nursery rhyme, then the horror will follow you darkly into your dreams. And it will still be there when you wake.

Eight of Dan’s short stories previously published in horror magazines, brought together for the first time and available to download as a free ebook. Join the growing zombie horde of readers spellbound by horror author Dan Soule’s storytelling. Grab a copy of In Tooth and Claw today, and let the eight stories fester in your putrefying claw as they worm into your mind.


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Free Book: Night Terrors

Sweet dreams aren’t made of these.

Ghosts of war pursues a family through the Syrian desert. A slaughterman says

goodbye to his job. A young woman’s inheritance passes on more than she thinks. A visit to the taxidermist for a school project reveals a dark mystery. These are just some of the dark imaginings that will infect your dreams and rip you from sleep with a cold sweat because you’ve got NIGHT TERRORS.

A collection of Dan’s shorts stories, many of which have been previously published in horror magazines, brought together for the first time, including stories such as ‘Hope is a Rusty Knife’, ‘Agora’, ‘Inheritance’ and ‘Good Weed.’ Available for free when you sign up for my mailing list. There is also another free classic horror novel to download too. Join the growing horde of insomniacs who’ve said goodbye to sleep and hello to NIGHT TERRORS. Available from the homepage of this site.


Some things should stay buried… 

The discovery of a young boy’s body, brutally murdered and preserved for thousands of years in a Scottish peat bog, brings with it more than a find of a lifetime for archaeologist Mirin Hassan. After the death of her husband, Mirin

wants life to get back to normal for her and her young son. But media attention and professional rivalries become the least of her worries. Something other than cameras followed the corpse back to the university. A malevolent force grows unseen. The weather turns biblical. Violence and death spread beyond the university. Could it be connected with the strange discovery? The city grasps for a rational explanation, but time is up. Chaos has arrived, as Mirin realises some things should stay buried.

Book 1 in the FRIGHT NIGHT series of bone chillers, Neolithica is the breakout novel from horror author Dan Soule. A mix of Dean Koontz and James Herbert, with a dash of Lovecraft. Available from Amazon.


If you see her, then you’re dead…

All Rob wanted to do was fit in at his new school after being torn from London so his parents could fix their marriage. But when Rob’s journalist father dragged him

along to investigate the legend of the Witchopper for the local paper, her curse became their reality.

She was priestess to the pagan god of the wild wood, hanged by a rabid mob for her unspeakable crimes. Now, something far worse than the hell of high school is after Rob and his dad…

In the vein of The Wickerman and Midsommar, Witchopper is an epic ordeal of a father and son relationship, where past sins echo in the present. Dan Soule delivers another of his terrifying Fright Nights, with a tale of love, lies and truth that will leave you sleeping with the light on. Available now on Amazon.

The Ash

You know the drill: mushroom clouds, end of the world, only the clichés survive. This isn’t that…

Even on the day of his divorce, Constable Jim Castle just wants to get back to his family, but no one can risk going outside. Not anymore. Worse still, when the fallout starts, Jim is hostage to a gang of armed thieves in a rundown farmhouse. Their plan is simple: wait it out as the radioactive ash piles higher and try not to kill each other. But they don’t have to worry about any of that. Because all their assumptions about what caused the end of the world are about to be snatched away – like a body into the ash.

A blend of The Road meets Alien in the English countryside, Dan Soule’s The Ash is a breakneck horror ride. Another of the author’s Fright Night tales, where even if one man can face his demons, it still might not be enough. So turn the page and get pulled screaming into… The Ash.