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Book Review: The Last Dog on Earth by Adrian J Walker

I haven’t enjoyed a book quite as much as this in a long time. A post-apocalyptic dystopian ripping yarn, which is both funny and moving in equal measure. A reflection on what might happen if the more intolerant, nationalistic elements of the Bretix movement become amplified. Nothing particularly new in the post-apocalyptic vision, however, the richly drawn characters enable Adrian J Walker to use the tropes of the genre to say something engaging and profound about our current situation, and more so about our humanity. Read the full review here…

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How It Ends

Netflix tries its hand at funding an end of the world movie, with some top dollar actors. And largely its good. While the script plays out some predictable tropes, such as the father-in-law-to-be relationship, got to get from here to way over there journey, whilst everything is falling apart and people screw each other over – it handles them professionally, without excessive cheese-whiz and it doesn’t feel the need to go for an ending that wraps everything up in a neat little bow… (full review here).

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