Fear not dear reader…

Okay, it’s a bit dramatic, but we’re just setting the mood. I sit here, writing from my crypt, Cassandra, my one-eye cat psychopathically keeping down the rat population around my feet. We’ve had a particularly good crop of fungus from the walls this year. Come the winter we’ll be well fed but our dreams will be plagued with stomach cramps and terrible hallucinations. But it fuels the writing.

If you are feeling brave, take a look around, browse the stacks before the damp destroys the parchment. Fortunately, if you like what you see copies are available for your ebook readers or to buy from various codex emporiums.

You can sign up for a newsletter, if so inclined. Sadly, I’ve discontinued the vellum edition. We ran out of baby goats when the geese guarding the graveyard became rabid. We do so love to hear from the living, and pass on stories of what we’ve been up to, here in the imaginarium.

So until you dream, safe travels. But remember, don’t stray from the path…


In reality, I was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England, growing up in a small cathedral town called Southwell. I moved to Glasgow, Scotland aged 19 and met my now wife, a Northern Irish girl. Hence, I now live in Northern Ireland on the beautiful Antrim Coast, with my wife and two children, Cassie the cat and Jessie the dog.


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