The Grappler – The Incubator, June 2015

The Switch – Storgy, September 2015

Plight of the Valkyrie – Devolution Z, April 2016 and then reprinting in the Memento Mori horror anthology, August 2016

Little Man O’War – Storgy

She Loved Lavender – Number Eleven Magazine

The Breed – Devolution Z

Quantum Flush – Shoreline of Infinity

When the God’s Play Dice – The Dime Show Review

To Kill a Quisquilia – Devolution Z

Upgrade – Phantaxis

Grounded Until the End of the World – Short Tale 100

Hearts on Heaven’s Reef – The Dime Show Review

Mrs Webber – Storgy

The Breed: Last Watch – Devolution Z

Christmas Claws – Storgy

The Hunt – Free Roll

The Lostling – The Ghost Storgy Turn of the Screw flash fiction competition, runner-up

Pork Pie, Superguy – Free Roll, a Brazilian Juijitsu lifestyle magazine.

Only Some Things – Strippedlit500

The Taxidermist – Short Tale 100

Keep it up Kid – Storgy

Eternal Wonder – Disturbed Digest

Witchopper – Storgy

Castle of Ice – Brilliant Flash Fiction

Hope is a Rusty Knife – Storgy, November 2018

The Slaughterman’s Tale – Sanitarium Magazine (due Jan 2019)